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To respond to various requirements, we have many types of vehicle for customers. If you are wondering what kind of vehicle you should use, don't hesitate to contact our staff. We are willing to give advice and plan the right trip for you.

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Extra services are available at no additional cost

Water 200 cc
Cold towel
Thermos bottle
Neck pad
(For an overnight trip)
(For an overnight trip)
Consultation on routes and
tour program

Extra services are available at an additional cost

Water 500 cc / Coffee break
Lunch box / Snack box
Ice for soaking drinks
Wifi on bus
The police convoy
Booking an identifying vehicle or
an identifying driver
Technical features

Rent a Van with Professional Driver in Thailand

We have many types of coach buses for hire in Bangkok. All Subcharoen vehicles are fully inspected and controlled by the Department of Land Transport to ensure that all passengers have a safe and smooth journey. If you are wondering what type of vehicle to use, don't hesitate to contact our staff. We are here to support, advise, and plan the perfect trip for you.

Bangkok’s Highest Quality Double Decker Bus

Introducing our newest Long Bus, perfect for long trips and features a high security system and luxurious interior. The Long Bus can seat 50 passengers and has plenty of spacious leg room for the most comfortable journey. The premium seats are specially designed according to the mechanics to support your body comfortably during long distances.

Our exclusive double-decker bus for hire in Bangkok comes with the finest features and amenities, including a USB charger on every seat, seat belt, digital TV with full HD, computer karaoke, wireless microphone, airplay, and blu-ray system. You also have the option to add on extra services at no additional cost, including water, cold towels, thermos bottle, neck pads for overnight trips, blankets, and even consultation tour programs.

Other available features at an additional cost include lunchbox/snacks, ice for soaking drinks. Wifi, the police convoy, and booking an identifying vehicle or driver.

You can rent a vehicle with driver in Bangkok as a daily or monthly rental. Each vehicle is 2.53 x length 13.8 x height 3.8 meters in size. Choose between Long Bus, Double-decker coach, single-decker coach, van, or individual car rental.

Comfort and Design

Every Subchareon vehicle is guaranteed to provide ultimate and comfort and safety during your trip. We make every effort to offer the best coach vans for hire in Bangkok. Whether it’s a family trip or a large corporate outing, we’ve got the highest quality vehicle to fit your plans. You’ll feel right at home as you climb aboard our premium double-decker buses and are greeted by our professional and friendly drivers.

The design of our coach buses will make you feel instantly relaxed. Each vehicle is air-conditioned with the highest quality air conditioning system manufactured by BLUESTAR. There are three different types of brake systems for ultimate safety and to prevent any type of slipping in various road conditions. Every seat is fully customized with a full entertainment system so you can stay connected during long distances.

Subchareon buses are specially designed to reduce air resistance. Using principles of aerodynamics, every vehicle is designed to reduce passengers’ fatigue from long distance travelling. Our cars are also environmentally friendly using the Euro 3 exhaust system, a special engine that eliminates the engine-warm up period and therefore reduces carbon monoxide in the air. Passengers will feel balanced and comfortable throughout the journey as each coach bus features a vibration support system that allows for a smooth ride even when going up or down different levels of a road.