Subcharoen vision and mission

We adhere to the quality of the bus, maximum safety, and good customer service as word-of-mouth rather than an advertisement which lead new customers to use our service and trust to be our loyal customer for a long time.

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Boonsi Trakoonsangratsamee

“The Managing Director who has a wide vision and decided to use a tour bus considering the quality of the car as well as investing in each car which is 7 million baht to serve as the first owner of Thailand, and she is also committed to continually develop the company to deliver the best experience for customers.”

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Attention is our professionalism

All Subcharoen Travel vehicles are inspected and controlled by the Department of Land Transport to ensure that all passengers are confident throughout the journey.

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9 superior properties
of supreme quality

Be safe with our Brake Retarder System
Brake Retarder System is a special property of the Subcharoen's bus to maximize efficiency to help slow down on the sloping road for more stable and secure vehicle control.
The Hill Hold System
While stopping the car on a steep road, the Hill Hold System will control the sliding back and enable to drive on the steep road more easily with our traction control in a rainy condition, a slippery road or a steep road.
Cabin design
Subcharoen designs a cabin under aerodynamics principles to reduce air resistance and wide cabin which is comfortable as the physiology for reducing passenger’s fatigue of long travelling.
GPS system
GPS system is a recording of driving behaviour system for bus route, current location, access time to the station and the speed control as specified with a fire extinguisher, a hammer, safety glass can be used as an emergency exit and all seat belts.
Vibration support system
Vibration support system and air bellows will let the customer feel soft sitting as well as stable balance of the bus when going up and down on different levels of a road.
Driver training
All drivers will be trained to understand the advanced vehicle safety and driving control systems, check the car's entirety before departure according to BEWAGON principles and to solve problems in an emergency situation.
Act of Legislation and First Class Passenger Insurance
With coverage of 400,000 baht, allowing passengers to feel comfortable throughout the journey.
Environmentally friendly
Subcharoen's car is friendly to the environment by the Euro 3 exhaust system.
Complete facilities
Full HD images with HDMI cable, wireless microphone, USB mobile charger for all seats, Blu-Ray player, Bluetooth music player, automatic storage belt, Computer Karaoke player, Digital TV, AudioGrade car power plug and Pure Sine Wave home transformer system.

of yours

This is some part of our service from both public and private agencies, educational institutions that trust to use our car rental service continuously.

Professor Wisitsuk Udommala

Teacher of Rangsit’s university

I am a teacher in the tourism field. I have to take my students to collect routes often. The most important thing is safety and comfortable. Of course, I use Subcharoen service every time because there are new cars, feel confident, be safe in all directions.

Kaew Subprapa


I rented the bus for making an offering to the monk in Sakon Nakhon province. The driver and bus staff were nice. Passengeres mostly are elderly, the driver stopped by for going to the toilet. The driver wasn’t upset at all. I have rented the car for 3 years. I recommend this company.

Professor Munchurom Kaosaipan

Teacher of Srinakarinwirot’s university

Thank you so much, a lot of admired. My favourite thing is each seat has a charger.

Kumnun Sukit


I and my family of Tientawai School decided to use subcharoen’s service because I love the bus type and service. If I have an opportunity, I would use Subcharoen service.

Teacher Jittima

Teacher of Mater Dei School

Thank you for the bus and service by Catholic high school students and I would like to appreciate the bus staff and the driver especially.

Doctor Surapon


Long leg seat, comfortable, safe, sound system of karaoke was amazing. The driver and his service is brilliant. I gave him 10/10 points!


Taechew association

Subcharoen Travel has great standard of management their business. There are brand new buses with high safety. Executives and staff are courteous. The driver is proficient and knows the route very well. Thank you for providing a satisfactory service.


And friends from Engineering at Chula 10

I always travel with Subcharoen Travel such as Ubon Ratchathani, Lampang, and Rayong. The driver was very polite. I always feel safe. The staff always carry the baggage including the service was friendly. It was very impressed.

Your Premium Coach and Driver Hire in Bangkok

Subcharoen Travel is a premium bus hire company in Bangkok, Thailand.

We are committed to quality rental services, reliability, and excellent customer support. We adhere to the highest quality standards, ensuring a smooth and safe journey for our customers.

With more than 50 years of service experience, Subcharoen is proud of the excellent reputation for quality of service, reliability and trust. Through word of mouth, our customers are confident in choosing Subcharoen Travel as their #1 choice for a coach and driver hire service in Bangkok. The company has been passed down from generation to generation, and started as a small service providing transport trucks goods across the province.

Later, the small service company joined with the Department of Land Transport, gaining more experience in the car rental business for the tourism industry. Before starting the business expansion, the small company used to run the Thai Saen Service company before transferring the business to the eldest son, and opened a new bus hire company in Bangkok with their daughter named Subcharoen Travel (2007).

The company has been interested in the investment of vehicles and engines from Europe and Japan to replace second-hand engines or modified buses such as Scania Hino Man. Although the investment cost is high, we believe in obtaining the highest quality materials and motors so our buses can run at utmost efficiency and durability. Additionally, we train our drivers professionally about the car system, making sure to reduce driver’s fatigue and ensuring maximum safety for passengers.

Throughout the working period, all coach drivers are guaranteed to provide a professional, safe, and high-quality experience for all passengers. We want your journey to be a memorable and positive every time with Subcharoen Travel.

Boonsi Trakoonsangratsamee, Managing Director

“The Managing Director who has a strong vision and decided to start a premium bus hire company in Bangkok. Every coach bus is carefully considered, using the highest quality motors and materials. Boonsi Trakoonsangratsamee is committed to service excellence, investing 7 million baht for each quality tour bus and is continually developing the company to deliver the best experience for customers.”

When I graduated, I got married respectively and didn’t think that I would run a bus hire company in Bangkok. I received encouragement from my parents who have always supported and advised me, and gave me an opportunity to start the tour bus and driver hire business in Bangkok. Moreover, I admire all of our incredible staff and team members for their professionalism and dedication. Their impressive professionalism and friendliness have lead many new customers to use our services through word of mouth.

At Subcharoen, we take care of our employees like family. Every employee values mutual respect, patience, discipline, and kindness. The principle of business operation of Subcharoen does not rely on complex business strategies but it is the dedication and commitment to providing the best experience for our customers. Some customers used to tell me that every time there is a meeting program, seminar, field trip or tourism, they will think of our service first. This positive feedback makes me very happy every time I think about it. The Subcharoen team has the best intention to perform the duties in order to reward every sponsored customer indeed.

Subcharoen chooses only the highest quality coach buses and motors. A bus with good performance will provide a high level of safety for passengers including the driver and bus staff. Customers will not know what type of bus is called high security until experiencing which is why we choose to use the chassis of Scania. Although it is a very high investment, the bus will perform at its maximum efficiency and durability than other conventional buses.

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