Leicester City football players

Arrived in Thailand

Mr. Wichai Sriwattanaprapa, founder of King Power International company and the president of Leicester City football club who died by the helicopter crash at Leicester City, England on 27 October last year. The funeral is at Wat Thepsirin, Bangkok as reported.

17.00 p.m. on 4 May, Board of the directors, staff coach and football players total 51 persons travel to Don Mueng Airport by the charter flight from London, England to Mjets building. They were welcomed by King power staffs warmly.

When it is done, the staff coach and football players of Leicester City took the bus of Subcharoen Travel Company Limited plate number 33-5087 Bangkok departure from Don Muang Airport, heading to Wat Thepsirin to attend the funeral with the tourist police, the immigration police and police from the Traffic Police Division together facilitate the safety of the entire route.

On behalf of Subcharoen Travel, we're deeply sorry to hear about Mr. Wichai's passing.