Rent a bus for making a merit

One Day Trip

Where do you want to make merit?

I believe that the beginning of a year, some people will find temples to make merit for avoiding bad luck throughout the year and may know how to do or don’t know because it is a different method.

Currently, there are a lot of merit trip tour. The advantage of this trip is a guideline from the beginning to the end process. I’ve gone as one day trip to make merit with 3 temples. We rented the latest VIP bus 50 seats of Subcharoen Travel.

We started travelling about 7 A.M. The bus parked at BTS Mo chit. It is outstanding. When I got in the bus, I love it suddenly because it’s new, clean, cool air and meet the safe standard along with an insurance for each seat, comfortable journey, beautiful light, Karaoke service is provided, wide cabin and capable of 50 seats. The gap between a seat and footstool is wide appropriate. No more fatigue, soft seat and have a neck pad. I felt comfortable throughout the trip. There is USB charger in every seat. It is very comfortable and meet the needs of me so much.

First temple, Leng Hok Yee temple
Located at Mueang district in Chachoengsao. This is the ancient temple of Chachoengsao which is Chinese arts. Most people believed that this temple is a tummy’s dragon which is generated from Leng Nei Yee in Bangkok (Head’s dragon). People often come to pay homage, bless for prosperity in life, help in fortune, ascendancy, prosperous trade.

Second temple, Sian Lor Tai Tian Kong
Located at Bang Pu, Samut Prakan. This temple is enshrined by 5 gods who are 5 good warlords which each of them has different abilities. So, for paying homage will be different as each ability such as health, money, trade, power, prestige.

This trip, teacher Guy take us to eat foods at Rabieng Talay restaurant at Bang Pu 4. It is a waterside restaurant and foods were tasty and a lot of people.

Last temple, Tao Tammasathan Foundation
This place is for Taoism. It is popular to remove the bad luck with a ceremony, enhance a horoscope.

The bus parked at BTS Mo Chit 8 P.M. safely. For this trip, everyone is full satisfied.